Tips for the Champion to Conquer the World

Be a winner? You’ve never been a champion? and you want to be the champion? Only here you can find methods to win. We who are born into the world already have the status as the Champion. Why is that? Let us examine this statement together.

Let’s see! We humans are born into the world as individuals formed from the fusion of male sex cells and female sex cells. Male sex cells are called sperm and female sex cells are called eggs.

Where one egg is fought over by millions of sperm to be fertilized. The meeting of the two occurs in the most intense competition in the fallopian tubes. This competition requires millions of sperm to be able to compete until the finish first. But getting to the first one is not enough, but it must also be able to penetrate the egg so that it can fertilize it.

Just imagine how great we are. We consider this match as an international level running competition. Even in such a fierce race, we have been able to pass it to be the fastest. Especially if we manage to break through the tape which is the stopping point. Wow, our struggle is extraordinary, isn’t it?

You and I are great warriors! However, the struggle did not stop there. In developing our potential, we have to compete again to defend the title we already bear as I described above. His name is also life, there must be bitterness, dong!

Don’t waste your time! Life that is not free from competition requires us to remain diligent and strive so that in the future we can become role models that should be followed.

The methods for winning are:

  • Tips for the Champion
  • Persevere and Strive

To take a step, we must persevere and try to put out all the abilities we have. It’s like being in a war situation, we must be able to protect ourselves from enemy attacks by being careful and removing the weapons we have.

The tips are that before the competition starts, we must make a study schedule by giving portions at the time of study so that we can master one material at a time. Dude, if you want the competition to run smoothly, don’t wait until D-1 to learn.

Gather Intentions and Goals

In participating in a competition, sometimes there is something that can stop us. But basically, if we already have a goal then various things that can loosen the spirit to win the competition will not shake our strong intention.

Believe in Yourself

Optimism is something that must exist in our own stand. Where optimism is able to give us a strong spirit to take part in a competition. Optimism is always related to the abilities we have, so we often discourage ourselves from participating in a competition.

Well, we need not be ashamed of the abilities we have today. Because learning is not limited by time and age. Learn more and keep learning! Say out loud “I Can Do It!”

Dare to Fail

A great warrior is a fighter who dares to fail who he is not ashamed to lose in battle. In the competition, each participant has the right to win and the right to lose. If we are in a losing position, then we must be able to accept all defeats and learn from experience with a positive outlook. Cheers “Forward!”


To arrive at the finish line we don’t only need points 1,2,3 and 4. Remember, my friend, after trying our best, the next step we do is pray.

There were so many races that I entered, and most of them I lost. When asked about the experience of being a champion, I don’t hesitate to share some tips with loyal listeners.

I once won an inter-school poetry reading competition when I was in junior high school. Getting praise as a poet who is so poetic is still intact in my memory. The cheers and smiles that were presented to me added to my enthusiasm and made me realize that the struggle was not over yet. An experience too old to tell.

I got first place in the class. Who is not happy right? Ranks that must be maintained until the level of education is complete is a very difficult thing for me. Getting a champion is much easier than defending it! There are several layers that must be maintained so that they do not come off easily.

My goal in compiling this article is to encourage the dream warriors, especially the youth. As long as you still have the ability to think brilliantly and have a strong spirit, then pour it into competitions. Continue to explore the potential that exists within you. Everything will happen as we expect as long as we are willing to put in the effort. “Results will never betray an effort, so keep trying and never give up. Believe that every effort and hard work today will never deny the final result in the future.”

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