Words of Wisdom for the Winners, Inspiring the Spirit in the Struggle

Wise words for the winners you can use as a booster of enthusiasm in your struggle to achieve goals in life.

By reading these wise words you can understand that being a winner requires struggle and unyielding nature.

It should be understood, nothing is instant in this world, except instant food. Everything else requires a process to be followed. That’s why you need to have a strong fighting spirit.

In this life filled with challenges, there are times when you will fall and meet failure.

However, the most important thing is how you respond and react to it, whether by stopping fighting or getting up and continuing to fight for your goals.

The only difference between winners and losers is how often they can get up when they meet a failure.

When we are fighting for something, of course we need motivation or encouragement.

You can use words of wisdom for the winners as encouragement that can motivate you to achieve everything you want.

Words of Wisdom for the Winners

1. “Successfully beat yourself, makes you mature. Successfully beat others, makes you a winner. But, producing other people is what makes you a leader.”

2. “Every winner is full of scars, life means struggle there are always obstacles and rivals, every success must be fought for.”

3. “The best time to prove that we are winners is when we appear to be losing.”

4. “If you want to win, then have the attitude of a winner.”

5. “Life is hard, prove yourself strong. There’s only one difference between winners and losers: winners know how to stand up when they fall, losers are more comfortable staying where they fall.”

6. “Failure destroys losers. Failure inspires winners.”

7. “A loser does not know what he will do if he loses, but boasts of what he will do if he wins. Meanwhile, the winner does not talk about what he will do if he wins, but knows what he will do if he loses.”

8. “Choose by you to be the loser, but true. And do not ever become a winner. But unjust.”

9. “Winners compare their achievements to their goals, while losers compare their achievements to the achievements of others.”

10. “For those of you who are heartbroken, get up soon today, to soon become the next winner of love.”

11. “Winners, in life, think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am who I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their thoughts on what they are building, what to have or will do, or what what they can’t do.”

12. “Because there is only one winner, not two let alone three.”

13. “The collapse of the sky will not stop making you believe that love will always win.”

14. “History is made by the victors.”

15. “You are all born to win. However, to be a winner, you must plan for victory, prepare for, and expect to win.”

16. “The winner is he who is able to stand up when he falls and still hold on when others give up.”

17. “Everyone has failed. Some give up, some get back up. So there are losers, there are winners.”

18. “The loser is a form of punishment for failure. The winner is the reward for his success.”

19. “One winner. The rest are losers. Otherwise, victory is meaningless. You can’t cheat fate.”

20. “Never give up. Winners never give up and those who give up, never win.”

21. “Dreams are only for a winner, not a loser.”

22. “Associate with winners because winners are a good influence on you, while losers can poison you.”

23. “You don’t have to be the same to be great, you don’t have to follow people to be a winner.”

24. “When we are able to use positive thoughts and mentality in the bitter trials that befall us, there will be optimism and an effective way to become a winner.”

25. “Everyone has the right to be victorious, but very few prepare themselves seriously and become victors.”

26. “To achieve that does not always have to be a winner because we have to feel the fall to know the pain and find a way to get up as soon as possible.”

27. “If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you can’t emerge as a winner.”

28. “Happy to be able to control love for someone who no longer loves us. We are winners when love ever existed, when we can rise again, when love has left us.”

29. “A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, strives to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to achieve his goals.”

30. “The winner means he who doesn’t strike or stop halfway at whatever he chooses.”

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